Unlawful Personal Injury

Unfortunately, personnel of Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited have had to conduct investigations of unlawful injury to persons. Such cases are always harrowing and so are a trigger, more than ever, for the circumstances of the case to be methodically examined to help reduce the anxiety of the situation.

Dr Brown, a Senior Partner at Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited recently investigated a case where a child was alleged to have been wilfully burnt by a third party using a portable electric fan heater. Using infrared imagining techniques, Dr Brown established that the fan in question was cable of causing skin burns and thus the prosecution evidence was substantiated.

Russell Bralsford, also a Senior Partner at Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited, was recently summoned to corroborate the attributes of a standard central heating system, since it was alleged that a child had been wilfully held against a hot radiator by a third party as a form of hostage to gain monies. Russell Bralsford took measurements of the temperatures of radiators of the heating system and his results indicated that the proposed action of the third party and the unfortunate results were possible.


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