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We all like a bargain, and we have all been ‘sucked in’ by a good sales pitch, and unfortunately we all know the sayings “you get what you pay for” and “you can’t get more out than you put in”.

Every locality in the UK has a Department of Trading Standard’s who function is to oversee that fair trade is carried out within their jurisdiction.  Now, when ‘fair trade’ is not seen to be the case, Trading Standards can, and do prosecute individuals and companies for carrying out unfair practices.

Bralsford Brown and Associated Limited, have significant experience of compiling expert reports for Trading Standard Departments so that those alleged to be guilty of unfair trading practices, can be prosecuted.

Dr Robert Brown, senior partner at Bralsford Brown, recently investigated two cases of unfair trading.

For Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards Department, Dr Brown investigated the misselling of solar panels by a company who were cunningly using figures when calculating energy consumption, energy savings, energy ‘buy in tariffs’ to derive figures which made the purchase of the solar panel from the company appear most favourable to the customer. Using figures and calculation methods freely available on the World Wide Web, Dr Brown found and indicated in a report that on average the company were over rating the benefits of their solar panels by 20%

For the Vale of Glamorgan Trading Standards Department, Dr Brown investigated the working practices of a builder who was also ‘masquerading’ as an electrician. The works carried out on a property by the builder also required the addition of a significant amount of electrical elements, which the builder duly installed. However, when the system was independently checked by a further electrician, commissioned by the properties owner, the testing reveled twenty-two (22) faults of which ten (10) required were deemed unsafe and requiring immediate attention. Dr Brown corroborated the electrical circumstances and the builder was successfully prosecuted.

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