Put your shirt on Hatfield at Bradford


In preparation for their appearance at the forthcoming Yorkshire Area Championship, the Hatfield Band has announced that it will be sporting brand new contest day shirts, sponsored by a local company, Bralsford Brown & Associates.


Bralsford Brown prides themselves on their support of brass banding, and are well known as the generous sponsors of the popular Whiston Festival of Brass.

Need to support

Dr Robert Brown, Senior Partner and Director told 4BR: “Russell Brasford and I have a long affiliation with the brass band movement, and are aware of the need of to try and support, strengthen and uphold their longevity and heritage.”

Wish them well

He added: “We are delighted to support Hatfield Band and their MD Stan Lippeat in their quest to regain their rightful position in the Championship Section in Yorkshire, and we wish them every success on Saturday in Bradford.”

Hatfield Band - Picture

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Investigation of a Near Fatal Electrocution

This week Dr Robert Brown discussed with counsel a case where a young man whilst connecting a monitor to a computer base system experienced a severe electric shock which caused muscle spasms and near fatal electrocution.
The case centred on a cable used in a power distribution system. The inner conductors of the cable had been stretched and one of the conductors had become detached. Moreover, the earth system for the desk on which the computer was located was found to be wrongly connected and therefore when the young man touched both the cable and the desk, he became the earth conductor through which live energy started to flow.
This case is now focussing on electrical testing regimes of the parent company of the computer. The case continues

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Electrical Contract Dispute

Dr R Brown ventured over the pennines yesterday from the Bralsford Brown base in South Yorkshire to undertake an electrical inspection of a property on Droylsden, Greater Manchester.

The inspection was to aid the resolving of a dispute between a property developer and a electrical contractor, over the electrical worthiness the electrical system installed by the contractor and also the aesthetics of the installation.

Cases such as this are considered hard to resolve since mech evidence is ‘here say’ which is most common where trades people and contractors are concerned. As the saying suggests “get it down on paper”

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“Doesn’t do what it says in the tin”.

Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited
Investigating, explaining and reporting engineering problems

A weekend in Winchester for Russell Bralsford!

Russell Bralsford visited a client this weekend who was experiencing trouble with a heat converter, which had been installed within her property, with the promise that the heat converter would save the client 1000’s of pounds. Indeed the heat converter cost the client several 1000’s of pounds to purchase and have installed!

Of course the heat converter doesn’t convert energy and indeed refuses to function at all.

This is now a case of amassing evidence, photo’s, data relating to temperatures, electrical current, gas pressures etc, to prove that the heat converter doesn’t “do what it says in the tin”.

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Water leak causes damage to flat – London – Claim for damages

Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited
Investigating, explaining and reporting engineering problems

An enquiry today from a landlord of a property in London where the property, a flat, I think is subject to a water leak from a flat above. The leak has caused extensive damage so the Landlord is now attempting to recover costs for the damage.
Russell Bralsford has now looking into the circumstances of this case.
Please note: The engineers and specialists at Bralsford Brown cover cases from all engineering and scientific disciplines and we offer a national service.

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Forensic Investigation

Dr Robert Brown visited the research, power disruption and electrical inspection laboratory of Electricity North West last week to view the remains of a domestic consumer unit (fuse box). The unit had been involved in a fire which was thought to have started within the unit. The unit was a mangled piece of plastic and charred copper cables; however from this chaos the causation of the fire can be determined. Dr Brown is now scratching his head attempting to do this!

For forensic investigation call Bralsford Brown – 01709 540348



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PAT testing enquiry, goods bound for Nigeria!

Good morning,
Two interesting case enquires today.
The first case, an electrical field enquiry involves a consignment of electrical equipment being impounded by HM Customs and Excise since the equipment has failed PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certification. The consignment is bound for Nigeria and the owners of the consignment claim that the equipment is in fully working order and will be certified as ‘safe’ on arrival in Nigeria and before distribution. Bralsford brown have been asked to verify the functionality of the equipment and the safe worthiness.
The second case involves a boiler that has malfunctioned after four years service, a period well within its warranty.
Both of these cases will keep personnel at Bralsford Brown busy over the coming weeks.
Have a goof day.
With my kindest regards

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More plumbing issues!

Two cases inquiries today, both relating to domestic plumbing issues. One involving a leaking wet room, the other involving some alterations made to a bathroom installation in Huddersfield!
It appears given the number of case we study here at Bralsford brown concerning plumbing issues in domestic properties that there are an abundance of rogue plumbers around. So be careful.
For advice on any plumbing issues, please call or email Russell (01709 540348 and russ@bralsfordbrown.com).

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Construction Industry (KPI) Audit’s today!

Good day,

Today sees personnel from Bralsford Brown out on site in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, carrying out inspections of refurbished properties on behalf of Bramall Construction, part Keepmoat PLC group.

Bramall’s have undertaken work on approximately 300 properties in the area and so as part of the construction industry, key performance indicators (KPI) initiative, Bralsford Brown have been contracted to audit 30 (10%) randomly selected properties.

Have a good day.

With my kindest regards


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Difficult Cases?

Struggling today to make head way with a couple of cases.

The first involves a claim from a woman in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, who slipped on the stairs to her flat and hurt her leg. She blames this on the fact the electrical lights for the stairs were out and faulty and had been reported on several occasions to the housing association for repair. An interesting fact though was that incident occurred on Christmas Eve and the good lady had been celebrating rather a lot. In her words, I wouldn’t say I was drunk just a bit ‘tipsy’. I have to inspect the lights and determine why they were faulty.

The second case involves a fire, assumed to have started in an electrical consumer unit/fuse box. The utility company has possession of the box which from the photograph is just a mangled mess. I have to determine how the fire started in the box. A little bit tricky this one.

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