Personal Injury

Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited have considerable experience of studying and the reporting circumstances surrounding cases which involve personal injury.
For example…

  • Mr Russell Bralsford, Senior Partner at Bralsford Brown has studied and reported to court, several cases which have involved scolding injuries to persons whilst taking a shower using a normal electrical shower unit. Additionally, Mr Bralsford has also significant experience of dealing, albeit sadly, with cases involving burn injuries to person through physical contact with standard yet excessively ‘warm/hot’ domestic radiators. Furthermore, Mr Bralsford has inspected and reported on circumstances where persons have been exposed to harmful levels of carbon monoxide (CO) gas, and experienced poisoning effects, as a consequence of poor combustion and ventilation of solid fuel and gas fired boilers.
  • Dr Robert Brown, senior partner at Bralsford Brown, has recently been involved in a case where an electrical technician was severely burned by ‘arc flash’ whilst monitoring the condition of ‘live’ high voltage bus bars. Although, the employer of the technician was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for not wearing and utilising the correct safety equipment and clothing, Dr Brown helped the company successfully defend the need to undertake effective ‘live’ testing of electrical equipment.
  • Dr Robert Brown has of late been studying the use of ‘Lap Top’ charging trolleys most frequently used in schools to collectively charge the batteries of up to 30 laptops, simultaneously. The need for the study arose when an employee of a school where a charging trolley was in use received an harmful electrical shock whilst unplugging the device. Dr Brown, in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive identified a fundamental flaw in the design and construction of the trolleys whereby subsequently a warning notice was issues by the HSE.
  • Dr Brown has studied the attributes of a hand dryer common to most wash rooms in say, service stations, public houses and airports. In this case a young lady claimed that as she placed her wet hands beneath the hand dryer, a steam of sparks and hot metallic fragments were emitted by the dryer. Although there was no tangible evidence in this case, Dr brown indicated that the circumstance of spark, fragment generation was possible.

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