Insurance – Claim evaluation and causation

Bralsford Brown and Associates Limited have been requested on numerous occasions to investigate circumstances and determine the route cause where damage has occurred to property for which compensation is being sought from insurance companies.

  • Mr Russell Bralsford, Senior Partner at Bralsford Brown was recently called to a property which had suffered damage mainly to plaster ceilings and walls due to a water leak in the roof of the property. Consequently, recovery for damages was being sought. Mr Bralsford determined that the cause of the leak was a ‘push fit’ pipe connection and that the connection had parted due to pipes being frozen. This had occurred because the properties main heating boiler had ‘tripped out’ due to inadequate provision and protection of the boilers condensation expellant pipe.
  • Senior Partner at Bralsford Brown, Dr Robert Brown has recently studied a case on behalf of a major southern water company, where a standby pumping station located on the south coast, ‘failed’ during a period of heavy rainfall. Consequently, a claim was brought against the water company by a leading insurance firm since raw sewage found its way into properties in the area of the pumping station. Using historical physical evidence and statements gained from intimate questioning of eye witnesses, Dr Brown was able to determine, to a most certain degree, the causation of the failure of the pumping station.
  • Russell Bralsford has studied two cases where a standard hot water expansion tank has, in normal operation, become displaced from its mounting position and in doing so has caused a leakage of water to occur which has subsequently caused significant damage to the property in which the tank was installed. In both cases Russell Bralsford established that the tank has become dislodged due to poor tank mounting methods by the engineer who originally installed the tanks.
  • Dr Brown has currently been involved with several disputes focusing on the alleged malfunction of miniature circuit breakers, an integral safety protection element of a standard domestic electrical system. Dr Brown has acted in several cases where it is alleged that house fires have been caused by the circuit breakers overheating. Logically in these cases, insurance companies are attempting to establish liability to recover their costs.

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