Difficult Cases?

Struggling today to make head way with a couple of cases.

The first involves a claim from a woman in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, who slipped on the stairs to her flat and hurt her leg. She blames this on the fact the electrical lights for the stairs were out and faulty and had been reported on several occasions to the housing association for repair. An interesting fact though was that incident occurred on Christmas Eve and the good lady had been celebrating rather a lot. In her words, I wouldn’t say I was drunk just a bit ‘tipsy’. I have to inspect the lights and determine why they were faulty.

The second case involves a fire, assumed to have started in an electrical consumer unit/fuse box. The utility company has possession of the box which from the photograph is just a mangled mess. I have to determine how the fire started in the box. A little bit tricky this one.

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